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yo, remember when Bush sent troops into Iraq and everyone was against it and went out and protested? there should be absolutely no different of a reaction now that is Obama sending troops into Iraq.

Pregnant wife gets four months for killing husband



She fucking shot him with a handgun after chasing him in her car for six blocks and only gets 4 months! This is why I doubt that Jodi Arias will get much time at all, if any. There is a clear gender-based inequality under the law (which I have shown time and time again) 

But don’t worry, no need for men to complain. Feminists are on the job with their protests against the female sentencing discount. /s

Then there is the lying to police. She told the police he punched her and tried to grab the gun from her, which the courts proved without a doubt that there were no marks or signs of such a struggle. In our society, when it’s a woman’s word against a man’s, that is solid evidence.

Seriously, same crime, same time. Now, to just get the rest of the US to understand this, to understand that women are not flowers that will wilt in the prison system, then we might see a change.

(via feministsaresexist)